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What's behind the front door?


Published: 06/27/2012


 Experts would say the most important rooms to decorate in your home are the kitchen and the master bathroom. But what comes next? It's the main entrance hall.

Creating a grand look for a small area that blends naturally with the rest of the decor should be the goal for entrance halls. In a well-lit space, an easy option would be to add new lighting, a mirror and an area rug.

Opening up a wall that divides the hall from the adjacent rooms can bring natural light into the darker area. Replacing the wall with glass block keeps the division of space but allows light to flow. Another option could be to add a skylight.

If grandeur is what you are after, consider marble for the floor or walls. Paneling will also give a stately look. Architectural changes to any home are well worth the investment needed that special look.

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