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The kids in the bathroom


Published: 04/29/2012

by Mark Noonan

You want to update your family bathroom, but you have young kids at home. It’s tempting to plan a bathroom designed for
their needs, including installing kid-sized products. However, unless you are planning on having young children around for many more years, this is not likely the best thing to do.


Instead, focus on functionality. You can add in the special touches later to make a bathroom perfect for your kids. By keeping things practical for all members of the family, you help to maintain the resale value of your home.

 Here are some things to consider for a family-friendly bathroom renovation.


•   Install a standard-height toilet, as opposed to the higher comfort height, which may be too tall for a child.


•   Consider installing a floating vanity. Floating vanities are trendy and will give your bathroom an updated look. Buy a sturdy stool that can be stored underneath easily and slid out for smaller kids to stand on.


•   Choose high-quality sink fixtures, some-thing that can withstand heavy usage from the kids and maintain their beauty for
the life of the bathroom. Newer designs offer touchless features so kids do not need to struggle with knobs. You can add a timed feature so a tap cannot accidentally be left on. Choosing one with a pre-set temperature feature helps avoid burns.


•    The surfaces need to be durable. This is especially important for countertops. Choose something that is scratch- and stain-resistant, yet still looks beautiful. Granite countertops are a fantastic option, and can withstand the toughest treatment from kids. Quartz is another viable option that comes at a lower price tag.


•   Forego using a shower stall in place of a standard bathtub with a shower. Consider a shower bar in the tub that holds an adjustable showerhead and hand shower. The showerhead can be repositioned to suit the needs of children, teens or guests.
The handheld sprayer comes in handy when bathing tiny tots or cleaning the tub. Keep in mind that parents are often kneeling and sitting around the tub to help children bathe, so make sure there is enough room to comfortably move around.


•  Select wall and floor surfaces that can easily be wiped down and cleaned. Choose tiles, laminates, stone surfaces or specialty paints that are both good-looking and durable.


•  It is important to consider your kids’ safety, so choose flooring that is slip-resistant or textured. Material such as rubber, linoleum, cork and vinyl are all great options, and unlike tile, offer a softer landing should anyone happen toslip and fall.


• Storage is important when there are kids in the bathroom. The family bathroom can become cluttered very quickly. Make
sure there is enough shelving for everyone to store their belongings. Consider having baskets for kids to put their bath toys away, so everyone feels like they have their own special space.


•  Install towel hooks and racks at both adult and kid heights. Keeping this shared space organized makes it functional for the entire family.  


Mark Noonan is the president of Plumbing Mart.

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