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Teach your old dog new health tricks


Published: 09/11/2015

by Marcus Johnson

Schedule vet visits – It is more important than ever to make regular appointments with your veterinarian as your pets become older. Older dogs are more prone to diseases, some of which don't show physical symptoms until the condition is serious. You can help keep your senior pet happy and healthy with ongoing care.

As your pets get older, be sure to adjust their activities to fit their changing bodies. Here are some tips to keep your senior pet healthy this summer:

Take shorter, more frequent walks – It's very common for senior pets to have lower energy levels or to develop arthritis. Walking your pet for the same distance as when they were younger is not recommended. Taking your senior pet for shorter walks more frequently will help to keep their fitness levels up, while protecting them from injury.

Adjust their diet – According to celebrity veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Werber, feeding your pet a diet of both wet and dry foods is best for both dogs and cats and this applies to pets of any age and size. “Dry food's crunch helps improve their oral health, while wet food's moisture supports internal organ function and urinary tract health. And, as importantly,” he adds, “animals love the taste.” Dr. Werber also points out that despite popular belief, “some wet food is lower in calories than dry food on a gram for gram basis, and regular consumption can help maintain a healthy body weight by offering optimal protein and lower carbohydrates.” More information is available at

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