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Stop the Spread of ‘Computer’ Viruses


Published: 06/25/2012

by Evelyn

Keeping your computer keyboard clean can help keep colds at bay. And while you’re at it, why not give the whole

system the once-over. Use clean, soft lintfree cloths, water or rubbing alcohol, cotton or foam swabs and a portable batterypowered vacuum with a small wand.


Computer keyboards can become very dirty places and with cold and flu season just around the corner, it makes good sense to keep them as germ free as possible, particularly if you’re sharing your computer at home or work.

Get rid of dust with a compressed air can with a long nozzle. To disinfect, turn off the computer, dampen a soft cloth with

rubbing alcohol and rub the keys. Never spray the keyboard with liquid.


Clean and disinfect the casing of the mouse with a soft cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol, rubbing the top of

the mouse and its buttons. Clean the mouse pad with a damp cloth to improve the mouse’s movement.



Use a soft cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol and wipe the screen and the casing of Palm organizers, etc. Glass cleaner is not recommended.

Computer case:

Clean the case with a damp cloth. If there are stains, you can use a little mild dish soap on the cloth.

Don’t use solvents. Remove dust and hair from vents by wiping them down with a dry, soft cloth and then vacuuming.


Finger prints dust and dirt, make it hard to see the screen. Disconnect the monitor and vacuum around the sides

and back. Use non-abrasive, household glass cleaner sprayed on a soft cloth to clean the screen.


It's best to use a CD cleaning kit but water and a soft cloth with do. Wipe across the tracks, not with them, starting

at the middle and wiping to the outer edge. If there is something on the CD that water can’t remove, alcohol can be used.

Don’t’ forget the cell phone! It too is a hotbed for germs. Make sure to wipe it down from time to time with a cloth

dampened with disinfectant.



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