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Safe Thoughts


Published: 07/30/2014

by Space Age Closets & Custom Cabinetry

Considering the current state of security nowadays, I've often wondered if we should be offering small safes for the inside of our closets for our clients.

As you know, most people have some jewelery and collectibles in their possession whether it be that special necklace from your great grandmother or that new solitaire your husband gave you for your anniversary or your priceless Batman comic . Sometimes it's not from people breaking and entering that you want to protect your fine jewelery from but sometimes from friends of friends, even other family members or the cleaning staff.


A small safe in your closet is a great location to hide small things whether it be jewelery or even important papers. These safes can be tucked in behind doors that look like reach-in closets or even on the back of the wall behind clothes.

As well, I've seen some closets that have swinging areas that open up into another room completely, almost like those secret rooms or panic rooms from the silver screen. Our designer Harry mentions that he has placed safes behind a false bank of drawer fronts which actually opens up like a door. There are many manners in which to hide a safe. I know in a friends' home, they have it under a Turkish carpet in the middle of their closet's floor.

Consider as well, a safe in your closet is actually quite handy. When dressing for a special occasion, you don't have to drop into the safety deposit section of your bank since you have a safe right in your own home.

So when designing your next closet with Harry, consider including a safe.

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