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Renovation tax credit benefits seniors


Published: 05/06/2013

by William Roebuck

This initiative allows Ontario seniors, 65 and older, or family members who live with them, to receive a personal income

tax credit for money spent on making a home safer or more accessible.


You can claim up to $10,000 worth of eligible home improvements on your tax return, and you will get 15% of the
eligible expenses you claim. For example, if you spend and then claim the maximum $10,000 worth of eligible expenses,

you could get the maximum of $1,500 back. Seniors and their family members at all income levels are eligible.


Not all renovation work qualifies under this tax credit, however. Renovations that are simply intended to improve the

value of a home or recurring repairs don’t qualify, such as plumbing or electrical work, repairs to a roof, and installing

new windows. Before you start, check to see that the work qualifies.


Some examples of eligible expenses include:
certain renovations to permit a first-floor occupancy or secondary suite for a senior; grab bars and related reinforcements around the toilet, tub and shower; handrails in corridors; wheelchair ramps, stair/wheelchair lifts and elevators;
walk-in bathtubs; wheel-in showers; comfort-height toilets;


Widening passage doors; lowering existing counters/cupboards; installing adjustable counters/cupboards; light switches
and electrical outlets placed in accessible locations; door locks that are easy to operate; lever handles on doors and taps, instead of knobs; pull-out shelves under counters to enable work from a seated position; non-slip flooring in the
bathroom; a hand-held shower on an adjustable rod or high-low mounting brackets;


Additional light fixtures throughout the home and exterior entrances; swing-clear hinges on doors to widen doorways;
creation of knee space under the basin to enable use from a seated position (and insulation of any hot-water pipes);

relocation of taps to front or side for easier access; hands-free taps; motion-activated lighting;
touch-and-release drawers and cupboards; and automatic garage door openers.  


For more information on the credit, or how to apply, visit benefits/healthy-homes-renovation-tax-credit. 


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