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Prepare your home for summer travel


Published: 07/08/2015

by Marcus Johnson

10. If you're going away long-term, check with your insurance company or broker; some policies will not cover a home that is not lived in over a number of weeks unless you alert them of your extended absence.

Getting away from it all should not include concern about what might be going wrong at home while you're travelling. RSA Travel Insurance provides a few important tips to secure your property during any absence this summer:

If you're leaving for a few days:

1. Arrange to have a friend or neighbour pick up your mail.

2. Lock your valuables, important documents and hard drives in a safe place.

3. Don't post on social media that you're away. Save those posts until you're back at home.

If you're leaving for more than a week, also:

4. Pay/ask a friend or family member to check on your house. Have them ensure that garbage gets picked up by the municipality and that the yard is maintained.

5. Clean out any perishable items from the fridge. Don't leave any garbage in the home.

6. Put your lights on a timer so it looks like the house is lived in.

7. Unplug unnecessary appliances like TVs, computers and stereos in case of a power surge.

8. Keep your air conditioner on, just in case of extreme heat, but raise the temperature. You could consider installing a temperature alarm to alert you if the temperature drops too rapidly.

9. Lower the temperature on the hot water heater (or use your water heater's vacation mode).

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