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Plan reliable care when pets can't travel with you


Published: 08/04/2015

by Marcus Johnson

 Check your house for signs of danger: If your pet will remain in your home, unplug electrical appliances and remove light bulbs that might get knocked over in your absence.

 As you count down the days until summer vacation, it's important to prepare a great little 'staycation' if your family pet is not taking the trip with you.

If you're not sure where to start, check off the following items on any to-do list and enjoy a guilt-free getaway knowing your furry friend is in good hands:

• Explore pet-care options: If you're planning a long trip, you may want to consider a local boarding kennel or hiring a pet-sitter. Ask your friends or vet for references, and make sure to book early as spots fill up quickly during the summer.

• Bring information with you: If you're hiring a sitter, make sure your pet's ID tags are up to date so you can be contacted in case of an emergency. Also bring your pet's vaccination records plus the phone number for your vet.

• Hungry pets are not happy pets: To prevent changing their daily diet, leave behind a feeding schedule for the care giver. This ensures uniformity with the wet and dry food. While there is no wrong way to integrate wet and dry food, consistency will be important to minimize anxiety for your pets. More information is available at

• Don't take that shirt: Leave behind an old t-shirt that has your scent so your dog feels reassured. If you do this, check with the boarding kennel about any restrictions.

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