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Painting the Perfect Picture


Published: 06/25/2012

by Mark Noonan

You have it captured with your mind’s eye; that perfect room, that perfect renovation. Every time you walk into your tiredlooking kitchen or bathroom you can close your eyes and see it, picture it and paint in on your mental canvas, detail by detail, until your imagination has produced your private masterpiece.

Finally, you’ve saved enough so that you can have your perfect personal vision begin to come to life. Now it’s

time to bring in the contractor. You make the call and schedule the big appointment; it’s quote night.

After an hour or so of listening to your wonderful ideas, considering your concepts, pondering the products and measuring

your space, the contractor is ready to provide an estimate. Wow, it’s twice what you expected; it’s twice what

you’ve saved. You bravely thank him, advising that you’ll follow up in a week or two and then send him on his way.

You shut the door and ask yourself, “What just happened?” What happened is exactly what happens to almost all homeowners at some point in their renovation careers. You started at the top, presented your ultimate masterpiece and that’s what the

estimate was based on. His price was likely fair and reasonable for what he was going to provide; it’s just that his price includes the best of the best because that’s how he read your signals. If this happens to you, don’t let your hopes for the perfect picture be dashed – just re-examine your options. Outline the basics, establish the necessities. Look at what needs to be done now and what could be done later. Investigate product alternatives and consider some moderate modifications. Working to a specific budget is not unreasonable; it simply requires better communication between you and your contracting company. Your masterpiece is within reach. You simply need to approach it one brush stroke at a time.

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