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Organize Closets better


Published: 07/25/2014

by Space Age Closets & Custom Cabinetry

Organize it better.


Whether you need a new closet system or already have one to maintain, here’s some simple tips on keeping your closet spaces organized.

  • Sort: Empty your closet and create piles for each type of clothing item - shirts, pants, skirts, work-out wear, etc. Also sort accessories you keep in your closet like ties and belts, scarves and shoes.

  • Purge: You will probably find things you haven’t worn in years – styles have changed, maybe they no longer fit. Decide whether you still need to hold onto them. If they’re in good shape otherwise, consider donating them.

  • Inventory: After paring down, you should have a good idea of how much of what types of storage you need. Double-hung rods for shirts and other short hanging items can allow you to compress the space needed and free up more real estate. Full-length hanging for longer items like dresses or pants can allow for shelf space above or shoe storage below. Consider drawers for sweaters, sleepwear, lingerie and such. Pullout shelves for shoes and handbags can take advantage of your closet’s depth without sacrificing its width. Ties and other hanging accessories can be mounted on open walls, backs of doors or even the sides of any shelf towers, and can often slide forward for easier access.

  • Design: Once you’ve assessed your needs, consider an amazing closet system from Space Age Closets & Custom Cabinetry, making use of all the available space in your closet and greatly improving its functionality.

  • Other closet tips:Use hard to reach corners for out of season or special

occasion clothes.

  • Cutlery trays can make great in-drawer accessory organizers.

  • Using the same type of hanger for all garments lets things hang more evenly and makes them easier to sort and find.

When you’re ready, call Space Age Closets & Custom Cabinetry, and we’ll help you transform your closet. We've been organizing homes for over three decades.



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