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My Wallet LTD, Will Offer Sellers a 10% Premium on Sales of Up to 50 Bitcoins


Published: 03/25/2015

by Press Release

Internationally Recognized Cryptocurrency Broker, My Wallet LTD, Will Offer Sellers a 10% Premium on Sales of Up to 50 Bitcoins and Will Negotiate Even Higher Rates with Those Ready to Sell Bitcoins in Greater Quantities. The Purchase Period Will Last Through May 23rd, 2015.

My Wallet LTD ( recently announced that, effective as of March 15th, 2015 and lasting through the end of the day (GMT) on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015, the firm will offer sellers of Bitcoins the market value of the Bitcoin (or fraction thereof) plus a 10% premium.

Sellers of more than 50 Bitcoins will receive even higher percentages, with such deals to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. The market price of Bitcoin will be established by Bitstamp, a UK-based Bitcoin exchange that is one of the world's largest and most respected.

My Wallet LTD is based in the United Kingdom, but thanks the nature of cryptocurrency transactions, they freely service clients spread around the world. Unlike the barriers imposed by traditional financial arrangements, such as currency exchange issues and varying regulations, the Bitcoin market is entirely separate from the larger marketplace.

"People who buy, trade, or sell Bitcoin know that it's an instrument immune to the usual tremors shaking up the mainstream marketplace," said a company spokesman. "Clients come to My Wallet LTD because they want to work with brokers who truly know this emerging market."

My Wallet LTD announced that they have already purchased more than £2.3 million (3.4 million USD) worth of Bitcoin in the past six months, and they expect to see that figure jump dramatically. The offer to sell Bitcoin at cost plus a premium is not only sure to incentivize many people invested in the cryptocurrency to sell, but it also makes clear just how devoted My Wallet LTD is to Bitcoin as a safe and long-term investment.

While the company welcomes any and all people looking to sell Bitcoin, they have expressed a chief interest in those sellers looking to divest large sums of the cryptocurrency. Sellers ready to make deals involving more than 50 Bitcoins will receive offers even better than the 10% premium on market rates, with the percentage they stand to make increasing in proportion to the quantity of Bitcoins they are willing to sell. The coming weeks promise to be an exciting time for all parties involved in exchanging and selling Bitcoin.

About My Wallet LTD

My Wallet LTD is based in the United Kingdom and boasts clients spread all around the globe. The company is one of the trend-setting leaders in the emerging cryptocurrency sale, investment, and exchange marketplace. My Wallet LTD sees cryptocurrency as a viable financial instrument both for short- to medium-term trading and for long-term investment. Their rapid growth and ever-expanding customer base attest to their forward-thinking business model, which seamlessly blends technology and finance. To learn more please visit

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