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Mayans Predict end of the World, Dec. 21 2012


Published: 06/13/2012

by Mark Price

Chichen Itza

believe the world is about to end or not, one thing is certain: 2012 is going to be an interesting time to travel to the Mayan heartland.


Contrary to popular beliefs, there is no evidence that the Mayan predicted any specific earthly doomsday event but it is an exciting cycle-ending nevertheless, and what better time and place to spend Christmas or welcome in the New Year.


It’s also a reason to explore the Mayan areas of the Mayan Riviera region. There will be lively colourful exciting celebrations at all Mayan archaeological sites throughout the year. Tulum, Cobia and Ek-Balum are all nearby and offer excellent opportunities to brush up on Mayan history, while working on your tan.


And getting here need not be a hassle. Flying into Cancun and travelling onto Playa Del Carmen is a breeze and there are tens of thousands of beachside rooms to choose from and no matter what your thread-count is, you’ll have immediate access to many natural and Maya-related archaeological sites, theme parks and sacred water pits known as “cenotes.”


If you have considering owning a property in Playa Del Carmen to live in, use as a vacation retreat or rent out and have your vacations pay for themselves having a knowledgeable Realtor expertise is an important first step to make sure of making the very best investment possible.


Mark and Betsy Price of REALTY Executives Riviera Maya.


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