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Let us solve the "No Space" Question?


Published: 10/25/2015

by Marsha McGregor


Untangling answers to the “No Space” question


Do you have that over stuffed closet? Is your junk drawer exceeding its capacity? The piles have become mountains and your storage space is maxed out. You want it all but there’s just no space to put it all. Let’s take a closer look at this picture. What you need to say to yourself at this point is; yes I want it all but do I really need it all?




Get Rid of Commitment Clutter


This refers to items you hold onto because you feel a sense of obligation or commitment towards the person who gave you the items. It could be inherited, antiques, things we’re saving for our children. If you are hanging onto any of these you have permission to let them go and here’s why:

You are not obligated to keep gifts forever. The gift giver would never want their gift to become a burden to you. Departing with a loved one’s inherited items can be emotionally taxing so only go through this process when you’re absolutely ready.

Holding onto things for your children is a thoughtful idea but consider asking them if there even remotely interested in having them. Don’t forget they will have their own opinions and taste in regards to style.



Out of Sight Out of Mind


Storing your items in a rented storage facility can become a very pricey affair. It’s time to reassess the value of this costly situation.  Out of sight usually means out of mind. If you are not using the items wouldn’t it be more constructive to sell or donate the items either to friends, family, a church or a charity. The money spent over a long period of time in storage often surpasses the value of these items. Besides, it always feels good knowing that you’ve helped others by donating.



Lighten your Linen Closet


Lighten your linen closet by getting rid of old faded and torn sheets and towels.





Don’t let excuses clutter up your life!



When organizing your closet you tend to make all kinds of excuses to hold onto items. Here are some popular ones:


“It’s going to come back in style.” Yes it might, but the cut and fabric will be out dated. LET IT GO!


“It’s going to fit once I lose weight.” You may lose the weight and it still doesn’t fit because you can’t control which area on your body you might lose the weight from. LET IT GO! The best reward for you losing weight is going on a shopping spree for a new wardrobe.


“It just needs to be repaired.” Set a date it should be repaired by and if it passes. LET IT GO!


“I wore this outfit on a special date.” Sentimental items should not crowd up your closet space. Never let the past be a burden to the present. Take a photo and then…LET IT GO!


“I’ll keep it just in case.” This excuse is based on fear. Never allow fear to have that kind of hold on you. Unless you can find a precise reason to hold onto something be BOLD, be BRAVE and LET IT GO!





When all else fails and you just still need that extra added push to help de-clutter your space just call in the experts, Royalty Home Staging. There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. I’ve had some of my clients tell me that they felt embarrassed to have me come into their homes and see the clutter. But at the end of the day once the job was done, they were sure glad they did call me in to help them. We all accumulate things within our space over the years. That’s just a part of life. Thank goodness there are experts out there always willing to help.



Give yourself that permission to open up that door and free yourself from clutter!


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Marsha McGregor



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