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Learn to love pulses


Published: 06/27/2016

by Arielle Duke

A: I feel pesticides are safe to be used on farms. All pesticides go through an intense regulation process to make sure that they are safe. There are restrictions around the use of them that are part of the regulations and as a farmer I realize I have to adhere to those regulations.

Did you know that the United Nations declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses? Pulses have been incorporated into many diets in the last few years because they are a well-balanced and healthy food ingredient.

But what exactly are pulse crops? Kyle Friesen, a Manitoba farmer who grows them, answers a few questions:

Q: What are pulse crops?

A: Pulse crops include dry beans, lentils and peas. The exact definition of a pulse crop is the dry, edible seed of a legume crop.

Q: Why do you choose to grow pulse crops on your farm?

A: We grow pulse crops because they provide a good economic return on the farm. They are also a good crop to include in rotation to help with managing diseases, weeds and other pests.

Q: What kinds of pests affect pulse crops?

A: Pulse crops are traditionally more susceptible to certain diseases such as dry mold in wet conditions. This type of disease could move through a field in four to five days so it's important to monitor and scout for pests.

Q: How do you manage these types of pressures?

A: To treat pest pressures on our farm we scout for pests and if we have a problem we use pesticides.

Q: Are pesticides safe to use on crops?

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