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Is Your Home Buyer Ready?


Published: 09/02/2015

by Marsha McGregor

Is Your Home Buyer Ready?


Are you looking or even thinking about selling your home? If so here are some helpful tips all home owners should review before calling in a professional home stager.

Here are some key things to look for while getting your home ready for the market:


Common Repairs

Cracks, holes in walls
Clogged shower heads
Loose door knobs
Slow drains
Broken light switches
Running toilets
Leaky faucets
Worn carpets
Ripped window screens
Broken screen doors


Kitchen & Bathroom Tips

Kitchens and bathrooms are what buyers gravitate too tremendously. You can bet your bottom dollar that potential buyers pay particular attention to these areas. These areas of the home can either break the deal or seal the deal. Of course we’re looking to seal the deal! This is why it is imperative to ensure that these rooms are in most excellent condition. This includes being clean and up-to-date.


Kitchens & Bathrooms Must Be Immaculate!

Re-caulk or re-grout showers, tubs and sinks                                

Tighten doorknobs                                                                        

Replace missing or broken tiles                                              

Touch-up cabinet paint in bathroom and kitchen                          

Update appliances if possible                                                        

Consider upgrading bathroom mirrors


The majority of things you can do to have your home buyer ready are fairly simple. If you’re looking to sell quickly & for top dollars, than you should know that buyers look at everything. As they walk up to your front door they begin to imagine themselves living in your property. Paying particular attention to the following areas will give you a cut above the rest!


Updating lighting fixtures – Installing new lighting is one of the most economical facelifts you can give your property. An outdated fixture makes your property feel outdated to buyers.

Repair broken windows

Update window covering if current ones are old & damaged

Make sure windows slide on tracks easily

Clean windows both inside and outside

Wash window screens and replace damaged screens

Install new toilets if the current ones are old & damaged


Painting Time

Is your home in need of a paint lift? Remember you are aiming to attract those potential buyers. So you may think that those orange walls look magnificent in your eyes but others may not feel the same way. Now is the time to depersonalize from what you love & start thinking of what others would love. Rule of thumb, KEEP YOUR COLOURS NEUTRAL! You can never go wrong with your colour choice if you keep that in mind.



Curb Appeal

This is the first thing buyers see as they approach your home. Most people intend to believe that the outside of their home doesn’t matter, only the inside. Wrong, wrong & wrong again. This is the first impression you’re giving to the buyers & FIRST IMPRESSION MATTERS!

Make sure the porch lighting is working and free of cob webs

Repaint front door, if needed

Remove any dead plants and replace with seasonal colourful plants

Make sure front porch/entry way is clean and inviting

Use outdoor furniture to create inviting spaces

Make sure trees or bushes don’t touch people as they walk up to the front door


We here at Royalty Home Staging strives to ensure you’re selling and moving experience is LESS STRESSFUL. You’ll feel confident knowing that the advice given to you from us will address all things needed to properly prepare your home for sale. If you have a budget, then we can advise you as to where to invest your dollars for the best return.

Feel free to give us a call today or drop us a line.

(647) 467-7751


Let us celebrate your home having just gone through a bidding war. Now wouldn’t that be nice. Cheers!


Whoever is happy will make others happy too. Anne Frank




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