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Incentive to Declutter


Published: 03/28/2013

by Hellen Buttigieg

Have you ever wondered how sculptors create such amazing works of art from just a block

of ice, a chunk of wood or a pile of sand? I asked a sand sculptor friend about this and his

answer was so simple: “I just take away what I don’t want.” In other words, the work of art
is already there, just waiting to be revealed once the excess is removed.


Decluttering our homes works in much the same way. We don’t necessarily have to go out and

buy expensive furniture or fancy accessories. The beauty is already there, hidden under the clutter.


We have the ability to make our homes a masterful work of art, an expression of our creativity,

by simply removing what we don’t want. By taking away the things that don’t matter, we automatically
give centre stage to the things we love. Suddenly, the room not only looks gorgeous, it feels so good to

be in there, you don’t want to leave.


You’ve probably seen room make-overs on television shows. Have you noticed the first step they take at the

beginning of them? In most cases, everything is taken out of the room first. Then, only what
works in the space is brought back. Like an artist, they begin with a new canvas.


Sometimes, new furniture and accessories are added as well, but that’s not always necessary to create a

room that makes you smile. One thing is certain – even with a new decor, clutter in the room
will always detract from its beauty.


The practice of home redesign is based on the same principles. All the furniture and accessories are taken

out of the room and the redesigner starts from scratch – it’s the most important step in
the process. Next, the large pieces of furniture are brought back and rearranged to best fit the room.

Then the artwork is placed on the walls properly. And finally, the smaller things are added –  the treasures you love,

displayed in a way that highlights them.


Your rooms can be transformed with little or no money, using your existing furnishings. They’ll look incredible and,

more importantly, feel harmonious. This process has less to do with how the room looks and more to do with how it feels.

It’s about creating an environment that feels right for you and those you share it with – not what would look good in a
decorating magazine. Your house will begin to feel like a home. You’ll find the energy in it is different without all that clutter. And the thought of having friends and family over is no longer frightening.

Having a home you love, which reflects your interests, and is warm and welcoming for family and friends, can have a
powerful impact on many areas of your life. So take a look around. What can you take away right now to reveal a home

you love?  


Hellen Buttigieg is a Certified Professional Organizer, life coach, TV personality, author and speaker. Her
Oakville-based company, We Organize U, helps busy professionals clear their clutter. If you are interested in having a redesigner or a professional organizer help you uncover the beauty in your home, contact her for a referral
at 905-829-2219.

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