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How to set healthy building blocks for kids


Published: 09/04/2015

by David Ferrer

That is why Jamieson Vitamins has partnered with Vitamin Angels to provide at-risk children around the world the proper nutrition they need to thrive. During the Share the Health Campaign, Jamieson Vitamins will donate life changing supplements of vitamin A to 500,000 children worldwide. More information is available at

Developing healthy eating habits and getting adequate nutrition as a child lays the groundwork for a lifetime of wellbeing. Healthy kids are more likely to grow into healthy adults, eliminating or reducing the potential for heart disease, obesity, stroke, diabetes, cancers and the risk of developing other nutrient deficiencies.

Receiving the necessary levels of vitamins and nutrients through positive food choices and eating habits is vital for children right from the get-go because adequate nutrition is crucial for a child's development.

Setting the foundation of a healthy diet provides lifelong benefits like stable weight, ability to fight off sickness, heal wounds quickly, and maintain a high energy level and mental wellbeing. Good habits like eating breakfast every morning and choosing brain boosting foods help kids focus and concentrate in school, which in turn result in better learning, leading to improved opportunities in life.

Proper nutrition prevents the dangerous effects of illnesses caused by nutritional deficiencies. Though Canadian children can get vitamins and minerals through a healthy diet including vitamins and supplements, many kids in underdeveloped countries don't have this luxury. In impoverished areas that do not have access to fresh fruits, vegetables and other nutrient-rich foods, many children suffer from serious deficiencies. This can include vitamin A deficiency which can lead to blindness and the inability to fight off life threatening infections.

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