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How to go green at work


Published: 11/09/2015

by Marcus Johnson

Giving employees an opportunity to submit their own green ideas or vote on the initiatives they would like to see implemented first is also a great way to encourage a green mindset at work.

Whether a company has five or 500 people, finding ways to be green at work can have a significant impact on the environment. Getting started can be easy. Here are nine ideas from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation to help any office go green.

1. Start a company car pool program, create a bicycle friendly workplace, and encourage the use of public transit.

2. Spruce up work spaces, help increase oxygen levels and purify the air with locally sourced indoor plants.

3. Only use reusable water bottles, glasses and coffee mugs at the office.

4. Consider environment-focused team building activities such as a tree planting or litter clean-up at a local park or green space.

5. Choose local sustainable food options for catered meetings and encourage waste-free lunches.

6. Install motion sensor lights in offices, meeting rooms and bathrooms to save energy.

7. Use recycled paper and set up printers to default to double-sided printing.

8. Make it easy for all employees to recycle and compost food waste at work.

9. Create a “green team” of employees to help set greening goals, educate all employees and implement new environmental initiatives.

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