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How to fix a squeaky floor


Published: 06/25/2012

by Evelyn

If the problem is under a carpet, it’s best to lift it. Use a stud finder to locate the joists that run under the floor around

the area of the squeak, and drive a galvanized finish nail through the floor, subfloor and into a joist in two or three

places. The joist may be 1 in. to 1.5 in. below the surface.


You can even hammer the nail through a carpet if you are unable to lift it; simply pull up the pile after so the

nail passes through it. If you can lift the carpet, you can also use drywall screws, as they won’t pull out over time.


With hardwood floors, predrill a hole so the nails or screws won’t split the boards or bend. Use a counter bore so

you can cover the nail or screw head with an oak plug.


Carpet drying

If you are having your wall-to-wall carpet cleaned or are doing it yourself, you may think you can hurry along the drying

process by turning up the heat. That could be a bad idea as mould grows actively between 20ºC and 30ºC (68°F-

86ºF). It’s better to set up a fan to blow across the carpet and turn on the A/C (at just under 20ºC) to reduce the humidity.

The carpet should dry within two to eight hours.


These hints are adapted from The Experts’ Guide to Life at Home , a book created by Samantha Ettus, Clarkson

Potter Publishers, $27.95.



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