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Home Office Thoughts


Published: 08/20/2014

by Space Age Closets & Custom Cabinetry

Home Office Thoughts


A home office has a lot of considerations that differ greatly from a commercial space. Here are some thoughts on that difference.

Sometimes working from home can offer casual comfort and a way to maximize your time. Keeping your home office casual is good but not too casual since it needs to be somewhat separate from the home so you can concentrate. You need to keep that separateness from the rest of the home. And other parameters you have to keep in mind is what it's ultimate use is.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

What will you be doing in that particular space?

The work in the office, what sort will be you accomplishing?

Who is going to be visiting? Colleagues or also clients as well?

What kind of reference library do you need? Photos? Large documents?

Do you require certain types of equipment?

Phone, conference or video conferences?

Most home offices are not usually very large depending on the work you're going to be doing. Generally, a computer of some sort is always needed as well as other related peripherals, ie printer, scanner, etc. You might even consider a wireless hub to organize your various electronic connections. Will you need perhaps a flat screen to show customers data? Keep in mind devices such as TV's can be a huge distraction. As well, separate phone lines are also helpful to make you further differentiate home-life from business-life. A home office should be a place where you're wanting to accomplish work not a drop-in centre for the family. Perhaps having certain hours during the day set aside specifically for work is needed and allows the rest of the family in home to know when you're available.

Lighting and colour are important aspects. A bright and cheery environment helps greatly in promoting productivity. As well, not too bright to make working tiresome. Dimmer switches are indeed handy to lower lighting when meticulous concentration isn't needed.


It has been proven that certain colours promote different moods. Yellow is seen as very cheery but might be a bit much for some. Various accents of purple have also been proven to promote creativity whereas red can create excitement. Green has been utilized over many years to be the most calming, ie. most hospitals use shades of green to relax patients.

Organizing your space is key to finding materials when you need to. Whether you need storage for files, drawings or other important hard copy articles. Either way, you need to get your hands on it when you need it. Cabinetry is key to organizing those articles.

Just keep in mind, this is your office. Feel free to have a few homey articles about so that you feel in touch and not isolated. Most clients like seeing a few photos of family in your office space.  

Whatever you plan for your home office or commercial office, just make sure it's comfortable for you to work in it. After all, you're going to be in your home office for many hours so when you plan on your next home office, consider calling our designer extraordinaire Harry so he can help design your space. PS, he loves good coffee ;)

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