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Freedom Rail Closet System


Published: 12/15/2014

by Robert @ SpaceAge

Freedom Rail Closet System

Okay, you're thinking of organizing your closet. Yes, this should be your New Year's resolution, or one of many. Nowadays, you have lots of options. Here at Space Age Closets and Custom Cabinetry, we like to give you lots of options and one of those might be Freedom Rail. Meant for the home handy man, Freedom Rail is easy enough to install yourself since we not only give you directions but screws and plugs as well but we also offer to install it for you for a nominal charge.

Made from solid steel, Freedom Rail is a hanging closet system that attaches to your wall and never touches your flooring. In some homes, your flooring might be quite delicate whether stone, granite or even a lovely hardwood. With Freedom Rail, it never touches your floor since it hangs completely from your walls.

There are very only a few components: a rail, uprights, brackets, shelves, hanging rods and drawers. Since we cut everything custom to meet the size of your space, you never have to worry about anything not fitting perfectly.

A rail, a horizontal length of steel with a profile resembling a “J” (header) is what your entire closet hangs from. Uprights, vertical channels attached to the rail, sitting basically on the bottom of the J channel. These upright are double holed and are where your brackets attach. The brackets, coming in a variety lengths just like the uprights and rails, hold shelving whether it be melamine shelving, laminated shelving or the rigid epoxy-coated wire shelving. Regardless of what kind of shelving you want, the brackets underneath have a spot consistently to accommodate the hanging rods.

As for drawers, which colour match to the melamine/laminate shelving, you have a variety of choices from one drawer to three drawers. All are solid and designed for ease of use.

Once you have figured out what sort of a design you want, it's just a matter of putting it all together using software from Freedom Rail. Simple and fast, the program even calculates the cost of each item and a grand total not including installation.

The big plus about Freedom Rail, besides being solidly constructed, is the fact that it highly adjustable change with your lifestyle. Individual shelves, 1 to 3 drawer units or various hanging rods can be removed, moved vertically or horizontally. Sometimes you might even want to completely replace clothes hanging sections with shelving or drawers. Whatever works in your design scheme, we will try to integrate it into your closet and make it seem it was always meant to be there.

So next time you're looking for a Freedom Rail closet, pantry or storage area, don't hesitate to call Robert for a sit-down design session. Bring your coffee mug!



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