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Five Daring Colours To Decorate


Published: 05/08/2014

by Kimberley Seldon

In the 20 years I’ve been working in design, I have yet to meet a colour I didn’t like. Convincing homeowners to embrace real colour – daring colour – is not always easy, but the results can be spectacular.


Here are five colours to embrace – if you’re not afraid!

 Colour #1: Black

Yup. In my condo, nearly every wall is black. The kitchen’s black, the foyer walls are black and the living room built-ins are black. For sheer drama and glamour that won’t quit, it’s hard to improve on the perfection of a great black.


You may not be quite as adventurous as me. I picked black because it’s an ideal choice for a sophisticated, urban setting. In the evening, the whole condo turns into a sparkling jewel box, with the city lights as part of the decor.

 When to use black? When you want to make a statement.


 Colour #2: Orange

Call it orange and many homeowners will run and hide. But call it Tuscan Sunset or Tequila Sunrise and suddenly it doesn’t sound so scary. The truth is, even plain old orange can be a fabulous colour.

 When to use orange? When you want to create energy.


 Colour #3: Turquoise Green

While blue and green are perennially popular, the combination of the two to create a vibrant turquoise frightens some.

Not me. I love the impact of turquoise and the way it brings to mind deep Caribbean waters. I love how it combines with sophisticated black for drama or with crisp white for cool chic. Calling turquoise trendy just doesn’t make sense. It’s a happy colour that never goes out of style.


When to use turquoise? When you want to imagine an ocean breeze all year round.


 Colour #4: Primary Yellow

Rubber duckies aside, no colour is cheerier than yellow. And I don’t mean a beige that has a yellow undertone. I mean heart-stopping, sunshine-popping, make-me-happy primary yellow. Combine it with white for drama or with grey to tone it down.

 When to use yellow? When you want to stop people in their tracks.

 Colour #5: Fire Engine Red

It’s probably not too hard for many of us to agree that we love red. Lots of people do. But would you use it to paint a whole room? I sure would. Nothing ignites conversations like a red room. I’ve used it in dining rooms and living rooms, and once had a kitchen that was painted deep red. When you’re ready to add real zip to your palette, start with red. It’s an attention-getter.

 When to use red? When you want to ignite passions. 


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