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Find your garden personality


Published: 05/21/2012

by William Roebuck

Whats your garden personality?


Minimalist approach: Go for clean lines and carefully composed arrangements of rocks, moss, pruned trees and bushes.
Tall grasses and gravel or sand pathways will also add to the Zen feeling, as will a meditative water feature.


Colour, colour, colour: Set the mood and showcase your personality with plants in your favourite hues. Use two or three
adjacent colours to create a harmoni-ous effect (red and orange) or create contrast with unexpected combinations of three, like purple, green and orange. Use a colour wheel when planning and check with garden specialists to confirm you’re choosing the right blooms.


Eco-friendly: Native garden plants have adapted to their environment and offer greater resistance to diseases and pests
than imported options. This means less care and water are required. If indigenous gardening is on your radar, there are many Canadian plants to consider that are beautiful. These include Bergamot, Columbine, Purple Coneflower, Blue Iris and Crocus.  


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