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Did you know that spring cleaning can help the economy?


Published: 05/01/2015

by Marcus Johnson

As you clean out that garage or basement when spring cleaning this year, you'll likely find recyclable items like cardboard, glass, plastic bottles and metal cans. Most of us support recycling because it's 'the right thing to do.' But have you ever wondered if it's really worth the effort?

You'll be glad to know the answer is a resounding yes! Take the Ontario Deposit Return Program (ODRP), for example. Since 2007, all beverage alcohol containers over 100 milliliters have a 10- or 20-cent deposit. This includes glass and plastic bottles, metal cans, tetra pak cartons and chill packs sold through the LCBO, as well as in Ontario winery, distillery and brewery retail stores. Those items can be returned to the Beer Store for a refund.

Redeeming your deposit creates local jobs: the containers you return are recycled into useful new products, like glass or aluminum containers, fiberglass insulation, cardboard and seat belts. It's estimated every additional 1,000 tonnes of recycled waste generates seven new jobs. In 2013-2014, over 110,000 tonnes of material was diverted from landfill under ODRP, meaning the program is making a positive impact on the province's employment numbers.

“The glass and cardboard collected is used by Ontario manufacturers, reducing the cost and environmental impact of manufacturing locally,” says Ted Moroz, president of the Beer Store. “It's a win-win situation we're proud to make possible.”In 2013-2014, almost 303 million containers – about 80 per cent – were returned through ODRP, which is funded by the LCBO. But around 77 million containers still ended up in the Blue Box or a landfill.

So, when you're cleaning up this weekend, remember that you're also helping the environment and your local economy.

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