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Custom Tassels and Trimmings


Published: 07/12/2016

by Custom Tassels by Chacur

Chacur is one of the last few remaining companies to continue to manufacture custom tassels by hand´╗┐. Manufacturing custom tassels by hand is a dying practice, but it ensures that the tassels made by Chacur will be the highest quality. This is what has made Chacur a world leader in producing Custom Tassels and Trimmings.



These custom tassels reflect changes in the world of decoration, following current trends. These exquisite collections are known for their originality and quality as well as for their wide range of colors and model options. This creates a unique product that stands on top of the competition. By using a classic production method, combined with the design following current trends, the end product is unique and cannot be compared to anything else.


custom tassels


Using a special color laboratory, Chacur will dye your fibers according to your needs. This is what makes custom tassels by Chacur truly a customized product. The tassels you order will be unique to you and your home, and will not be found anywhere else.


custom tassels laboratory


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