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Published: 07/30/2012

by Eleanor Welsh

Eighty per cent of women endure unsightly cellulite on their hips, thighs, stomachs and buttocks -- and even the most gorgeous Hollywood stars are not immune to the imperfections that affect most women.

But now there is great news: cellulite has finally met its match. Researchers have invented a simple, non-surgical cellulite treatment that really works.

It's called the VelaSmooth, and doctors who have studied the remarkable, pain-free procedure have marvelled at its one hundred per cent success rate.

"This is an exciting breakthrough in the treatment of cellulite -- the most stunningly successful treatment we have found so far," said Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr., a dermatologist on the hit television show Extreme Makeover.

The procedure requires a special device that emits radio-frequency energy and infrared light. It 'melts' the unwanted fat that gives cellulite its 'cottage cheese' appearance -- and it tightens the skin.

After just eight of the 40-minute treatments, the circumference of the thighs, the size of the buttocks and the waist all are reduced. The treatments produce a healthier glow and better tone in the skin.

How the VelaSmooth works is a combination of radio frequency and light energies, plus tissue mobilization with gentle suction. The energy heats fat cells. At the same time, the device gives off infrared light that increases the elasticity of the skin and heats the fat below the surface, allowing it to be broken up and smoothed out the device's metal rollers.

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