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Canadians can count on emergency alerts


Published: 06/16/2015

by Marcus Johnson

More information is available online at, including additional information about the types of alerts the public will receive, examples of the alert notifications, links to provincial and territorial emergency preparedness resources and helpful videos to help everyone be prepared for emergencies.

A new, national, emergency alert system is now in place to alert you immediately if a potentially life-threatening event threatens your community. Alert Ready delivers public safety messages across the country through local television and radio broadcasters.

Developed in partnership with federal, provincial and territorial emergency management officials, plus Environment Canada and the broadcast industry, Alert Ready is operated by The Weather Network. The system gives everyone the same immediate exposure to important, life-saving information allowing them to take action and protect themselves, their families and property.

Here, courtesy of The Weather Network, are the top three things to know about Alert Ready:

1. Canadian government officials at the federal, provincial and territorial level have authority to issue all types of public safety messages.

2. Alerts cover things such as tornados, train derailments, industrial fires, water contamination, and missing persons, as well as informational alerts such as frost warnings, among others.

3. Alerts posing an imminent threat are considered “broadcast immediately” and all broadcasters and media companies must make them available to their audiences immediately. Other alerts remain at the discretion of each broadcaster and media companies if they choose to make them available based on interest to their consumers.

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