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Buying a new furnace: Tips from the pros


Published: 01/21/2013

by Mike Kwiatkowski

  With winter upon us, heating bills will be on the rise and for people
looking to lower their costs, the best place to look is of course at the

“When I talk to people that are experiencing higher than expected heating
bills, they are always surprised when they think back to how old their furnace
actually is,” said David Coulson of Napoleon Fireplaces. “For furnaces 10 to 15
years old, you are looking at older, inefficient technology that is sucking the
money right from your wallet. If you are looking to replace an older one it’s
really important to educate yourself before buying, as choosing the right
furnace will save you money in the long run and keep the house at the perfect

New technology of course brings new advances that would have never been
possible 10 years ago and Napoleon Fireplaces’ HYBRID 150 is the perfect
example. This Wood – Oil – Electric Triple Fuel Combination Furnace
automatically switches from wood to oil or electric to heat the room and in a
power failure the furnace is designed to use gravity flow for emergency

For people looking into a new furnace for their home Coulson suggested
the following tips:

   Size matters –One of the most important
factors when buying a furnace is to have a professional installer examine the
size of the house and then determine the size of the furnace necessary for the
space. A furnace that is too large leaves gaps in temperature as it turns on
until it overwhelms the thermostat. The house ends up cooling down until the
next cycle and creates an inconsistent temperature. A furnace that is the right
size for the space, however, will be able to better regulate a constant

Fewer emissions – Being energy and environmentally conscious does
not have to stop at the furnace. With Napoleon’s HYBRID 150, the fuel comes
from three different sources – wood, oil or electric. This furnace is one of
the cleanest and most efficient combination solid fuel-burning furnaces on the
market today. The furnace switches from wood to oil or electric automatically
and if the furnace runs out of wood a second thermostat will keep the house
nice and toasty even if you are not at home.

   Don’t buy on price alone
– Always be sure to
ask a professional installer, contractor or reputable salesperson about annual
operating costs for whatever furnaces you may be looking at. While there are a
variety of factors to consider, price should not necessarily be number one.
Efficiencies, however, can vary drastically depending on price, which means
that if you pay more up front now, you’ll still enjoy lower heating bills 10 or
15 years later.

Get the right documentation
– Any reputable installer or
manufacturer will be sure to not only include the purchase agreement and
warranty information but also explain exactly what you are getting. If you feel
confused or unsure about anything don’t be afraid to ask.

Correct installation and maintenance
– Furnace installation should be done
by a trained professional as not only can it be a safety hazard but if anything
is off it can severely impact your efficiency and therefore your heating bill.
Regular maintenance, generally in the fall, will keep the furnace performing
like it should, keeping your family warm and your wallet a little fuller.

Above all, Coulson recommends that anyone looking to replace an old,
inefficient furnace first explore all of their options and consult with a
professional manufacturer or installer to find the right fit for their home.



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