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7 ways to get your family through the airport faster


Published: 10/19/2015

by David Ferrer

More tips to help you breeze through security are available online at

 If you want to get your family through airport security quickly and easily, follow these tips from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA).

• Remember the 100ml restrictions. Put large containers of liquids, aerosols and gels in your checked baggage. Only amounts less than 100ml, placed in a one-litre clear, re-sealable plastic bag, are permitted in your carry-on. This includes beverages and non-solid food (e.g. yogurt, pudding, peanut butter). However, beverages and food for children under the age of two are exempt (e.g. breast milk, formula, juice, purees). These items should be packed so that they can easily be removed from your carry-on baggage for inspection.

• Leave gifts unwrapped. If you're bringing gifts, leave them unwrapped as their contents may need to be inspected. Some airports offer post-security gift wrapping services.

• Keep electronics in your carry-on. Bringing your children's electronic games is a good way to keep them busy at the airport. For screening, electronic items can remain in your carry-on bag.

• Avoid toy weapons. You can pack toys in your child's carry-on baggage, but leave toys that look like weapons (e.g. guns, toy grenades, swords) at home.

• Choose easy-to-remove outerwear. Make sure the little ones can easily remove winter jackets, boots and hats. These items must be placed in bins provided at the checkpoint for screening.

• Look for the Family/Special Needs lane. If you need help at the checkpoint, look for the Family/Special Needs lane. This lane has screening equipment that can accommodate larger items like strollers and car seats. The screening officers will offer additional assistance.

• Have your boarding pass ready. Remember to have all family members' boarding passes ready for inspection.

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