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5 ways to spend more time with friends


Published: 11/02/2015

by David Ferrer

• Quench their thirst. Pick up a selection of pub quality beers, such as those found in the Rickard's Taster's Pack, to keep everyone happy.

According to a recent survey for Rickard's Red, more than half of Canadians (52 per cent) feel they don't spend enough time together with friends, with a third revealing they spend less time today catching up with friends than they did five years ago.

While the survey found that family and work commitments pose challenges to getting together and making plans, the most common barrier is distance.

So, how can we reconnect when time and space get in the way?

Whether it's a simple afternoon at home to watch the game or a fun night out on the town, here are some suggestions to plan an awesome get together:

• Schedule a time to make it happen. Whether it's over dinner, coffee or at your nearest pub, enjoy a brew to boot, since eight in 10 Canadians say they typically like to drink beer when catching up with friends.

• Bring food. Everyone has a favourite food to enjoy with their beer. Check out the food pairing ideas that your comrades will love at

• Keep it simple. By far the most preferred place to arrange a get together is at home. Consider creating your own pub experience at home with a pub-quality beer like Rickard's Red combined with your favourite bar snacks.

• Choose the right atmosphere. At a bar or pub this can be achieved by sports on TV, games or food. More than seven in 10 of us agree that the right atmosphere is a difference maker in how much we enjoy catching up with friends.

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