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5 Great Reasons to Garden


Published: 03/28/2013

Many people have made resolutions aimed at making their lives healthier, more positive and more

energetic in 2013. The good news is that this does not have to involve an expensive gym membership.
Gardening is an often-overlooked activity that can bring all three of these elements into your life.


“Gardening is a great way to relieve stress, take time for yourself and unwind,” says gardening

expert Denis Flanagan. “Gardening also allows you to take part in an activity that takes on
a life of its own and offers an end result that you can take pride in.”

Here are Flanagan’s top five reasons you should resolve to garden in 2013.


1. Gardening is good for your health.
Gardening is a natural stress reliever, as well as a natural exercise, and can
also help release your artistic side. Planting a vegetable garden is a great
way to get all the physical health benefits of gardening and also enjoy the
health benefits of home-grown produce.


2. Gardening helps instill life lessons.
Gardening can help teach lessons – especially

to children – such as nurturing, caring and
sharing something with others.


3. Gardening helps foster relationships with neighbours.

Being out in your garden can help break the ice between you and
your neighbours, as well as other members of your community. Why not pick a
fresh bouquet for the new neighbours up the street or invite the block to a
backyard barbecue where you serve fresh-grown veggies?


4. Gardening increases the value of your real estate.

Every homeowner knows that the more you invest in your home, the more
its value increases. Adding an updated landscape theme or a beautiful new
garden can also give you an increased sense of pride.


5. Gardening can help the environment.
Gardening is great for the environment and for the animals that live around your home.

Adding a bird feeder to your garden will bring an added element of wildlife to your
yard, and installing a rain barrel or water-conserving fountain will look
great, while also reusing water.



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