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4 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Road Trip


Published: 09/11/2015

by Marcus Johnson

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Whether you're driving across the country, or to a popular vacation spot, these four tips can make your trip economical, efficient and memorable.

1. Pack light. With a full car of people as well as gear and suitcases, the weight of your car can increase dramatically. Excess weight means that your engine has to work harder to get the car moving, and also reduces gas mileage. Encourage everyone to pack light and bring only the essentials to get the most mileage out of every tank of gas.

2. Choose the right vehicle. Opting for a fuel efficient, environmentally friendly car can drastically decrease gas use. Hybrids can improve your fuel economy and the display panel 'ECO' monitor encourages a more fuel efficient driving style and special drive mode options can improve fuel economy.

3. Prepare for the unexpected. The lasting memories are ones that you never planned on, including the local that introduced you to the best ice cream you've ever had. But ensure that your car doesn't offer any surprises along the way. Before leaving on your trip, treat your vehicle to a tune-up at the dealership to check fluids, tires and engine.

4. Enjoy the journey. The joy of road trips can start with the journey – and not just at the final destination. Be prepared to entertain young and old with a few puzzle books or movies featured on the Dual-View, Blu-Ray entertainment system available on vehicles like the Toyota Sienna SE. Or connect with your fellow passengers with classic car games and a mobile karaoke experience with your favourite summer playlist.

A road trip can be an amazing way to bond with family and friends, explore new places and even meet new friends. Keep these tips in mind to make your next road trip one with fun and adventure and frugality on your fuel tank.

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